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God has given us these birds mentioned in the Bible, we call any birds living in their existance their Galliform also findable Genetically using DNA similarity. Genetic traits can be seen without the need for scientific laboratory expertise, their behavioral instinct, their mating activity to one another and relationships with other birds give them a unique identity, their nearest galliform is the pheasant.

Our mainstay business bird the Coturnix Japonica Galliform is capable of producing many offspring each year, there are 9 other breeds of quail within the company the Coturnix Japonica gives, production of eggs, production of meat, Breeding prospects with an abundance of breeding activity occuring in the spring months.

Sales from our Quail breeding farm within the UK is our, marketing key development area of the Quails-in-Essex business, with several channels of distribution in and around East London it is intended from you as a customer who can get to the farm to collect produce on a cash and carry basis

Company experience with Quail dates back over 28 years, years at my Gandads farm begun in 1936 with fathers chicken pre 1940. For me livestock farming began with a few quail for a hobby obtained from a local fancier. The new millennium bought changes my way! After 2000AD a second house at the Writtle holding was made the extra housing and incubation equipment allowed increased production of quail, during 2008 production of 70,000 egg pieces was achived.

Sales of eggs have been growing, intentions to increase potential supply for interested purchasers during 2014 is rife within our company production will increase above the 2013 appetite for 200,000 eggs.

With that in mind our request for customers the sectors such as. Airline Catering , Hotel Restaurant, Government catering contractors, Larger retail operators, Supermarkets. Perspective within capabilities could be arranged to be supplied.

Export of fertile eggs will be our growth area during the years to follow, strictly to be monitored if the opportunities bear enlightenment from their importing country.

With other market products chicks and growing livestock (the birds) there is potential, the quails and the varying species the Quail Business. Our present farm site is adequate for our production and growth strategy, a 3 year plan as we look forward with optimism stategic operational capability, allow therefore the best prices possible for your specific custom needs, if you use eggs and meat birds supplied from our Quail business you will have best value for money.

Coturnix Japonica laying Quail known to many as Japanese quail, the prominent bird for egg production.

Coturnix Tuxedo. Some established as original from the United States of America. we find them living neerer to home.

Coturnix Golden Quail.Known by many as Italian quail, Egg producer.

Coturnix Coturnix White Quail. More suited as meat producing birds due to their ability not to be sexed at a young age, they lay eggs readily.

Chinese painted Quail. Predominantly found throughout Asia, known in the US as Button quail (Coturnix Chinensis) found in the UK under captivity and would not survive if released during the winter in our climate, the eggs are edible but quite small.

Butler Quail from 4 strains, Bob White, Mexican Speckled, Tennessee Red and Pure White.

During 2014 Californian quail and Harlequin Quail production will commence, the more exotic ornamental species.

Take a look upon Quail pictures or the Sights & sounds you can view a video clip of company Japonica quail.

Quail egg packaging we buy in bulk.

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